S2E10 - The Age of Cloud Gaming
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Welcome to Season 2 Episode 10 of the All Things Geekery Podcast In this episode, the Geeks went bonkers with the recent announcement of Google and Microsoft jumping into the cloud gaming streaming world. Show Notes Google’s project stream How does it function Gaming inside of a browser Only game currently available is Assassins Creed Odyssey Project xCloud Currently being developed When released streaming will be available on consoles, PC, and mobile devices First types of cloud gaming Onlive - 2012 Game streaming via desktop client or using a home device with Onlive controller Multiple modern games available Instant 30 min trails Instant gameplay Company was bought out by Sony and later closed Geforce Now Grid - Beta in 2013 under the Grid name Full release in 2015 to “Shield only hardware” In 2017 Geforce Now was released - allows PC and MAC to stream as well 1080p60 cloud-gaming service Using data centers of their high-end non-consumer grade GPUs Currently in Beta, free, and can use approved games from…