3: Taking care of a sore throat
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Every interpreter has throat issues at some point. Valeria, Jonathan and Alexander share some tips and tricks to get that sweet relief.Special Guest: Valeria Aliperta.Links:Making Onion Tea for Colds | LIVESTRONG.COM — Onion tea has been used as a folk remedy for the common cold, flu and cough. Onion contains nutrients to help fight a cold, and herbal teas provide you with a relaxing effect during recovery. Although there is no cure for the common cold, and research does not show conclusive results for the beneficial effects of onion tea, onions contain substances that may boost your immune system. Check with your doctor for medical advice if you’re concerned about your cold or cough.Difflam: Sore throat treatmentSore throat symptoms and treatment options (PPT)VocalZones Pastilles/TabletsJakemans LozengesPropolis - Wikipedia — Propolis or bee glue is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used…