12: Dean Murphy - Creator of the iOS Ad Blocker Crystal
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Dean is an independent iOS Developer and the creator of the ad blocker, Crystal.Dean on Twitter - https://twitter.com/CraftyDeanoDean’s Website - http://murphyapps.coiMessage Dean - [email protected] Session on Content Blockers: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2015/511/Murphy Apps Block Post: http://murphyapps.co/blog/2015/8/22/crystal-benchmarksMy post on Acceptable Ads: http://murphyapps.co/blog/2015/9/25/on-acceptable-adsCorona SDK: https://coronalabs.com Questions, comments, or you just wanna say Hi? Contact your host @garricn on Twitter This episode was recorded using the Cast platform by @JulianLepinski. Wanna start your own podcast? Try Cast!