143-2017 Year in Review
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Those who are in my podcast and branding circle know…it’s finally here. Going with the written format was always my norm, but I decided to complete it as a podcast. If you click on the link in the bio (linktree.ee/passpodcast) and select Spreaker podcast page, you’ll enjoy the show. Also if you’re not downloading Spreaker, you’re missing some premium content. That being said, enjoy and check out the show. #blymibt #podcasting #branding #networking #brandlikeyoumeanit #ThePASS #PodcastAboutSportsNStuff #podcast #yearinreview #2017 Blue Yeti Microphone: http://www.bluemic.com/products/yeti/ Spreaker (where my podcasts are stored): http://spreaker.com Podcast Page: http://passpodcast.com - Magfest (Past Magfest) (2:29) - Upcoming Magfest foolishness (in a few days) - Ups and Downs of podcast (5:43) - Rebranding - The PASS Podcast - The PASS - Episode 142 (http://passpodcast.com/episode-142-apology-announcements/) - Leaving Lost Connections Behind (12:38) - Embracing new connections - Fixing and embracing my…