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It’s Thursday 12th January, so here’s another trip up the Mood Elevator. I’m your lift operator Mark Steadman, and I’ll be pressing the buttons today, but I promise to give you a go soon. This boy grew his hair for two years so he could donate it to his friend Gabby is a young girl in Florida with alopecia. From the video she looks to be barely into her teens and she’s lost all the hair on her head, but help is at hand, and has been waiting for the last two years. Gabby’s friend Tyler has been mistaken for a girl for the last couple of years because he’s grown his hair out so that hey can have it cut and donate it as a wig to his friend. Tyler says “I just want to make her happy.” Florida restaurant offers special ‘Angel Shot’ to help women escape bad dates Staying in Florida, if you use the ladies’ room at this restaurant in St Petersberg, you’ll see an ad for a special order you can make at the bar. It’s called an angel shot, and it’s a signal to the bar staff that you’re having a date that’s going sour.…