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Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator, for Thursday 26th January. Meet the soda pop puppies, saved from death, now warming laps across central New York And we begin with puppies! Ten of them were due to be born in a tiny Texas town, but the shelter the mother was supposed to go to was completely full, so she’d received a death sentence. Then rings the phone of one Lori Bowlin Davidson, who runs the Coalition for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty in the nearby city of Crockett. She gave over her large bathroom, turning it into a kennel and making it possible for Livingston to have her puppies. Sadly one didn’t make it, but after 10 hours, she was delivered of 9 gorgeous black and white bundles of joy. That’s a good story! Couple recounts terrifying plunge into icy west Quebec lake Who’s up for some good old-fashioned heroism? I know I am. Kevin Wiseman is part of a snowmobile club, and when he’s grooming his trails - basically packing snow - his wife Audrey likes to come along. The couple were in…