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Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator. Turns out the episode I had for Monday was a bit delayed thanks to some hosting issues, but if you’re hearing me now then you’re ready for some good news. And if you’re not hearing me now, then something’s gone seriously wrong and you definitely need some good news. Oh, and I sound different because my studio computer is being updated, but I didn’t want to wait. Formerly paralyzed, Robert MacDonald finishes Toronto marathon When a Canadian man was paralysed after falling off a three-story balcony in Mexico, he couldn’t imagine he’d be running a marathon four years later. But he made it, in just under 6 hours. Now I’ve just come back from a 5k and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I could best his time and I’m supposedly able-bodied. He said he was motivated at the 30k mark when he saw his girlfriend who was also running. A Democrat-led crowdfunding campaign raised $13,000 to rebuild the bombed GOP office in North Carolina So the third presidential debate happened in…