Food and thought
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Walmart employee gives homeless man shoes from his feet We begin with the story of a supermarket employee in Georgia – the American state rather than the country – who gave his shoes to a homeless man sitting outside. Phil, the employee had once been homeless himself. You can see a photo of Phil by checking the show notes or going to Heart of gold hero saves eight lives in the Junction This next story needs a bit of setup. David Dearman is a labourer who’s fallen on hard times. He gets up early in the morning and collects bottles, cans and bits of scrap metal he can sell on or recycle, for cash. One day, cycling through a neighbourhood in Toronto, he spotted smoke billowing out of a house, that was sleeping eight people. He dropped his bike, ran for the house and pounded on the door, shouting to the family inside to get out. He rang the emergency services, kicked the door in and ran into a basement unit and helped a woman out with her cat. “Uber against hunger” delivers unused food to…