Love over hate
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November 14, 2016
Monday 14th November Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator, where all this week I’m banishing bad news and bringing you nothing but uplifting stories. Yep, instead of the regular Monday and Thursday slot, I’m dedicating this whole week to good news, so let’s get straight to it. Veterans pick up stranded biker and find out it’s Bruce Springsteen When a New Jersey biker spotted a man of similar persuasion who appeared to be stranded, he, along with his mates came to the rescue. Well, turns out the guy they rescued was actual Bruce Springsteen. When the group failed to get the Boss’s bike started again, he hopped on the back of another’s hog - yeah that’s right, I said hog - and rode to a bar and grill to await Bruce’s pickup. He got a round in, and tipped the bar staff a hundred, too. New Zealand town builds 80ft tunnel to protect penguins from traffic Over in New Zealand, water and power lines have been pushed aside to make room for a tunnel, to be used by penguins. Plans are afoot to create an…