Love and shelter
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Man with bride’s father’s heart walks her down aisle at wedding This story spread very quickly around the web this weekend. It concerns Jeni Stepien from Philadelphia, whose father died 10 years ago but whose heart was donated to Arthur, from New Jersey. Jeni wrote to Arthur and asked if he would walk her down the aisle, so he did. After marrying on her ‘deathbed,’ this bride made a miraculous recovery after quitting 1 food And in other wedding news, Jessica Bean from Queensland thought that marrying her sweetheart would be one of her final actions after her struggle with cystic fibrosis became more difficult. But it turns out her wedding photographer’s husband is a health coach who advocated a switch of calorific foods, which has had a pretty miraculous effect. Jessica needed to eat around 4,000 calories to breathe because the condition makes it so difficult, and so was eating sweets and chocolates to keep her energy up. But on advice from the health coach she switched to healthy fats like avocado and…