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Check out Mark Steadman’s Escape Hatch! It’s Thursday 19th January, and time for another ride on the Mood Elevator. This set of stories is one of my favourites in a while, and is what I’d like to see in the clip show they show Humanity just before it walks off the stage. Locals knit giant sweaters so rescue elephants can stay warm In Mathura, India, elephants who have had a rubbish time are getting cosy, thanks to knitwear created by the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre. These elephants have spent time in the circus, used to beg on the streets, and have, as a result not been looked after all that well. Luckily now they have nice snuggly jumpers to see them through the winter. Apparently they’ve taken to them quite well. Painless ‘smart patch’ delivers insulin to diabetics without needles If you’re diabetic you know how much of a pain your condition can be to manage. Daily insulin shots can be just a small part of the issue, but thanks to Science!, those living with the condition might be spared the…