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Welcome to the Mood Elevator, some good news for Monday 10th October. Police officer who saved boy from drowning meets him as a grown man And we start in Columbus, Ohio, with the story of James Poole and Christopher Jones. Poole, a police officer rescued Jones when he was just five years old, and the young man says he’s never forgotten the name of his rescuer. This week they reunited after nearly 20 years, when Christopher saw a photo of the policeman on a local Facebook group. He matched the photo with the name he remembered, and paid a surprise visit. Anonymous donor pays off food bank’s mortgage To Vancouver now, and a branch of the Central Okanagan Food Bank, much of its user base is under 15. They give out food hampers and shoe vouchers based on the size and needs of the family, and rely on donations from the public to keep going. This week, an anonymous donor signed a cheque for $190,000 Canadian dollars, which allowed the food bank to pay off the remainder of its mortgage, and massively reduce their…