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November 18, 2016
It’s Friday, and the final instalment of my week-long news binge. You’ll find the show at and wherever you get your podcasts, so if you haven’t already subscribed, do it; do it now. OK, let’s crack on. Thousands pledge to stand by neighbours who are frightened post-election While there are stories coming in of people being harassed all around the US post the election of a shaven cheese fruit to the highest office in the land, people in New York are banding together to show support for their fellow people. Using social media and the power of the buddy system, deputy director of the Arab American Association of New York has built a system that’s allowing thousands of people to find neighbours to walk with them so they feel safe. 999 call: ‘I think mum is poorly’ Over in Northumbria, the quick wits of a 999 caller could have saved a mother’s life. The person in question is just 4 years old, and she called the emergency services when her mum had an allergic reaction and became unable to breathe…