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December 12, 2016
Welcome once again to the Mood Elevator. Here are some stories to brighten up your Monday morning. Dad’s desperate plea prompts lifetime supply of cups for boy with autism There’s a lad in Devon, in the UK, with severe autism. He’s 14, and he’s only ever drunk from the same cup; a blue plastic one, like you give a toddler (I’m not being mean; I’m just describing the kind of cup). Trouble is, no-one makes that exact cup anymore, and no substitute will do. So when it broke, he wouldn’t drink from anything else, but a plea from his dad on Twitter caught the ears of the manufacturers, who dug out an original mould from their factory in China and are now starting a run of 500 cups, which should supply Ben for a lifetime. As ever, check the show notes or go to moodelevator.org for a link to this story. Firefighters hang Christmas lights for iInjured dad after he fell from ladder In Washington, a dad who fell off his roof hanging Christmas lights last week got more than a trip to the hospital when he called the…