Fish and peanuts
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Welcome once again to the Mood Elevator, the acceptable face of Mondays. Here’s a brief hit of good news, for Monday 31st October. World’s largest marine reserve created off Antarctica And we begin in Antarctica, or in a stretch of land just off it, where a coalition of countries have come together to create the world’s largest marine wildlife reserve. The new protected area in the 1.9 million mile Ross Sea was setup by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources and will support vast numbers of fish, seals, penguins and whales. Man donates half of his liver to stranger, marries her two years later Meanwhile in Illinois, a 38 year-old liver donor has just married the woman to whom he gave his liver. Thing is, he didn’t know her before he gave away half his liver. He’d overheard someone talking about a cousin who needed a transplant, so he got himself tested and the operation went ahead. They struck up a kinship following an initial chat on the phone, and eight months after the…