Operation goodwill
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School surprises beloved custodian after losing car in crash When a custodian at a school in Dunwoody, Georgia lost his old beaten-up car in an accident, his colleagues got together with an online car dealership and fixed him up with a new set of wheels. The car had been a little bit famous, after appearing in a film called Miracles from Heaven , but since the accident, Grey, the custodian had to get to and from work on his own steam. Now he’s driving a 2015 Mazda 3, just because his school loves him. Home Depot employees build custom walker for 2-year-old Over to Texas now, and the story of Silus Johnson. Silus has Norrie Disease, which affects his eyesight and muscle tone. He’s only 2 and it’s hard for him to walk, but a group of employees from a local Home Depot are helping out by building a contraption that’ll help him walk. For us in the UK it’s a device like a Zimmer frame, but they don’t make them for kids of Silus’ age so they’ve taken on the project themselves. Neighbors scrub hate messages before…