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Happy new year, and welcome to the first trip up the Mood Elevator for 2017. I’m Mark Steadman, and I have five stories of good cheer to brighten up your Monday morning. Let’s dive straight in. Kittens brought back from the brink by cuddles Thanks to Heather Smith for sending in this first story via our Facebook page. It’s a tale of a litter of kittens, who were left out in the freezing cold without a mother. A couple heard them crying from a neighbour’s lorry, and one was in particularly bad shape, cold to the bone and with only a threadbare pulse. Well, the chap who brought them in - who goes by the Imgr moniker StonemonkeyKing - managed to bring this particular kitten back from the brink, and they’ve now all found new homes. ‘I was on my knees looking for my wallet’ - town rallies to raise €2k for family who lost savings after Christmas Over in County Cavan, Ireland, Liam, a scaffolder withdrawing €2,000 form a cashpoint was devastated when he got home to find his wallet missing. It was a normal thing for…