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This episode is dedicated to @allan_rolfe, a very splendid follower of the @elevatorpod Twitter account. If you’d like to dedicate this episode to yourself, why not be like Allan? And now, on with the show. It’s December, it’s cold, it’s time for the Mood Elevator. I’m glad to be back after a quick break, and ready to bring you a generous ladleful of heartwarming news. Athlete proposes to girlfriend with GPS running map We begin in Brazil, where a daily run turned into a marriage proposal. Medal-winning athlete Erismax Felix planned a route for his daily run in Fortaleza, so that the resulting GPS map spelled out the words “marry me” in Portuguese. He posted a collage to his Instagram account which shows the map of the run and the engagement ring on his now fiancé’s hand. If you’re interested, it was a 12k run. On my best day I could manage 6, and I think the only thing I could spell was “gah, ugh, pffff”. Public raises $100K for widower selling kindling to pay wife’s medical bills There’s an elderly widower…