“My partner snores”
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December 19, 2016
Welcome aboard the Mood Elevator, where we’ll have another swift ride through five floors of good news. OK, let’s hit the button. Neighbour helps elderly woman get back into home after eviction In Florida, 89 year-old Angie who had just been evicted from her home, was soon given some good news thanks to a neighbour. The property owner hadn’t been paying the mortgage so the bank evicted the elderly tenant, but Danielle who lives a few doors down bought the property, and is acting as landlord, so Angie can return to the house she’s lived in for the last 35 years. NC postal worker ‘saves Christmas’ after mail truck catches fire When a US Postal Service van carrying gifts for the Christmas season caught fire in North Carolina, the quick-thinking driver and a passerby scrambled to get all the packages to safety. The fire put out shortly after, and Amazon - who’d sent off most of the packages for delivery - are donating to the Wake Forest Fire Department, to say thanks. Boys & Girls Club CEO gives back salary In…