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Rare Amur leopards born at Twycross Zoo And we start with Twycross Zoo which isn’t all that far away from me, who are celebrating the news that one of their amur leopards – who represent one of the rarest big cat species in the world – has just given birth to two cubs. Follow the link in the snow notes if you want to see the pictures. Sisters separated 40 years ago in Korea reunited working in same US hospital The Guardian has the story of two women from South Korea who started working as nurses at the same hospital in Floria, within a few months of each other. They worked the same shift on the same floor, and it turns out that not only are they related, but they are sisters who’d been separated for over 40 years after being orphaned. A restaurant put a fridge outside so the hungry and homeless can grab leftovers The Telegraph brings us the news of a restaurant in India which is tackling the problem of homeless people looking through their bins, with a little more generosity. The restaurant owner has put a…