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It’s Monday 233rd January, and time once again to board the Mood Elevator. I hope that, if you did catch the news on Friday, you’ve had enough time to recover. OK, let’s get to it. It’s really irritating Donald Trump that the Women’s March is bigger than his inauguration Mary Sue have a sort-of opinion piece about how irritated the Trump camp are with the fact that there were more women marching in protest against him than watched his inauguration. Trump’s spokesperson claimed that the white tarpaulin that was protecting the grass leading up to the Lincoln Memorial was creating an optical illusion that made it look like there were fewer people there than attended Obama’s do, and you’ve probably already read about the “alternative fact” he gave about the numbers of people attending being the biggest in history. Incase you didn’t know, “alternative fact” is new post post-truth word for “lie”. Teen raises over $13,000 for college after parents cut her off for dating a black guy Allie Dowdle is a blond, white…