One million karma points
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A stranger builds a house for a fast-food worker, goldfish get a viking funeral and the Robin Hood of cookery wins all the karma points. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant. Customer admires Chick-fil-A employee so much, he built him a new homeNBA player to donate $1,000 for every point he scores at next gameWashington governor bans employees from helping Donald Trump’s immigration crackdownYou’ll want to steal the ‘pick-up lime’ this teen used to ask a girl outPrimary school gives honourable viking funerals for class goldfishGenerous chef gets paid back for kindness after his restaurant burns down You can find the show on TwitterandFacebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don’t forget to check outPodiantto get your next podcast project off the ground for free.