Oh, Canada!
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November 17, 2016
Oh Canada Hello once again and welcome back aboard the Mood Elevator, for our penultimate daily trip around the sun of good news. Remember of course that you can find this show at moodelevator.org, and subscribe so you never miss an episode. But for now, let’s bring on the headlines. Sympathetic cop replaces boy’s stolen game console with his wwn And we begin in Texas, where a 9 year-old boy had his Xbox, controller and games stolen, along with family TV. But this is the Mood Elevator, so of course there’s an upswing to this story, in the form of police officer Brandon Smith, who was asked to investigate the burglary. Upon seeing what had happened, the cop rushed back home, unplugged his PS3 and gave it, along with controllers and games to the boy. He even stopped off to buy a new copy of Minecraft, the lad’s favourite game. Koala rescued from backpack during routine traffic stop When a crime squad in Queensland pulled a woman over and detained her on outstanding charges, they found an unexpected stowaway in…