Olympic spirit
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New Zealand and American runners help each other after collision Let’s start with the Olympics, and New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin, who collided in the middle of her 5,000 metre semi-final with the USA’s Abbey d’Agostino, four laps from the end. Instead of carrying on, the US runner picked up Hamblin and they both continued. But moments later, d’Agostino fell and it was Hamblin who picked her up, walking with the injured athlete to finish the race. Father with autistic son creates a game about him and his world If you play games on Steam, look out for this next release. Max, an Autistic Adventure is a retro-style RPG which was built as an attempt by a father to help people understand his son, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The game combines a bunch of different play styles and is designed to let you see the world through this young boy’s eyes. If you want to check it out, just follow the link in the shownotes. Heartbroken locals collected almost 1,000 signatures to halt the transfer of their local shop…