Cuddles when you need ‘em
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February 16, 2017
It’s Friday, and would you believe it, I’m here with my hand on the buttons to operate the Mood Elevator and take us through to the weekend. All aboard? Let’s get moving. Teacher creates chairs from tennis balls to soothe autistic students A primary school teacher in Illinois is doing that little bit extra for her autistic pupils. She’s modified chairs with paint, glue and tennis balls, for kids with Down syndrome, autism, or sensory processing disorders. “Sensory seating is used for students who may have difficulty processing information from their senses and from the world around them,” wrote the school on Facebook. “Tennis balls on the seat and backrest provide an alternative texture to improve sensory regulation.” Guard squirrel pet goes nuts on burglar Joey is a squirrel on a mission. When his owner was out, a burglar came in to try and, well, burgle the place. But Joey had other ideas. He set about attacking him until he left. The culprit got away with some loot, but when he was arrested, the police…