Pay it forward
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Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator, where it is my mission to turn that frown upside down. No time to lose, so let’s get to it. Retired couple share acreage with unique PTSD refuge And we start today in Canada, where Rick and Donna Wanless enjoy a vast swathe of land; a farm which has been their home for more than 40 years. Now in their 70s, the pair have decided to share this land with sufferers of PTSD. Rick had been helped by first responders when he got knocked off a horse and broke his pelvis, and is now giving back by lending his land - under the name Honour Ranch - to those suffering from PTSD. It’ll provide treatment, therapy and clinical care, free of charge. Christmas card addressed to "England" reaches right person thanks to Royal Mail’s "address detectives” You may remember a week or so ago I brought you the story of a postman who managed to deliver a letter to a lighthouse, as identified in a hand-drawn map. Well some chaps in Germany might’ve gone a step further, addressing a letter to…