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December 15, 2016
Hi. Just a quick note before we start: I’m working on bringing this show to the Amazon Echo, as part of your Flash Briefing. It’s in the US Skill Store right now, but as I’m in the UK I have no way of testing it. If you’d like to help test the skill to see if it works, search “Mood Elevator” in your Alexa app, and add the skill to your Echo, and let me know how it goes by tweeting @elevatorpod. Thanks! And now, on with the show. Welcome to the Mood Elevator, some news to make you smile, for Thursday 15th December. Mexican party invitation goes viral, attracting 1.2 million “Hello, how are you? We invite you this 26 of December to the 15th birthday party of our daughter, Rubi Ibarra Garcia”. So begins a video message from a loving father on a significant day in a young Mexican girl’s life. Except something about this video - perhaps the extremely open invitation - and its placement on Facebook has meant that police are set to show up, after the invitation got over a million RSVPs. If I could afford the…