Don’t Be Cruel…30 Yrs Later w/ @eclectik
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September 6, 2018
Bobby Brown released his second studio album, Don’t Be Cruel, on June 20,1988. This album would catapult Bobby Brown into a chart topping superstar. On this week’s episode of the 12Kyle Podcast, we take a look back and discuss Bobby and this album. The podcast is co-hosted by eclectik Don’t Be Cruel…30 Yrs Later You can LISTEN, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE to The 12Kyle Podcast here… Apple Podcasts SoundCloud Stitcher Overcast FM Google Play - Search 12kyle Podcast YouTube CastBox FOLLOW ME… Facebook twitter @12kyle; @12kylepodcast @eclectik @tweetrhymeslife @podcastedp @1songintro @1gottago Instagram @12kylepodcast ; @1gottago