What’s The 411? - 25 Yrs Later
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Mary J. Blige released her debut album on July 28th, 1992. On this episode of the 12kyle Podcast, we will discuss this album, breakdown the songs, and reveal why this album is significant. Listen & tell me what you think! You can LISTEN, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE to The 12Kyle Podcast here… Apple Podcasts https://itun.es/us/RZVM_.c SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/twelve-kyle Stitcher http://bit.ly/2ij1KWZ Overcast FM http://bit.ly/2ij6zzC Google Play - Search 12kyle Podcast YouTube http://bit.ly/2mVmOng Blogger www.the12planet.blogspot.com FOLLOW ME… Facebook https://www.facebook.com/twelvekyle twitter @12kyle ; @12kylepodcast ; Instagram @12kylepodcast