65: Dragon Ball Super Episode 73
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JD & Stephen watch and review Episode 73 of Dragon Ball Super. There is a new movie coming out! The Great Saiyaman versus Mr. Satan?! Why would Gohan ever fight his father in law. Gohan gets roped into having a larger role in the production than he originally thought. How will that go with his professor? Jaco has let a very dangerous criminal escape. Where did it go? Earth of course. With Goku and Vegeta off training, can Gohan handle this strange parasite? Listen and find out on this episode of DragonBallerZ. Thanks for listening, subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on Twitter: JD: twitter.com/nthcastmetal Jason: twitter.com/vrtjason Check out our website www.dragonballerz.com See you next week for Episode 66.