79: Dragon Ball Super Episode 86
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JD & Stephen watch and review episode 86 of Dragon Ball Super. Goku is looking for Android 17, Universe 7 still needs 10 strong fighters for the tournament of power. After fighting off some poachers. It is time to see how strong 17 really is. Luckily, he has been training hard this entire time. In one of the more picturesque fights that Dragon Ball has ever seen. 17 and Goku face off for the first time. They seem to be evenly matched, which surprises Goku. However, 17 will not join the team. Even when he is told what is really at stake if Universe 7 loses. What will it take to get him to join? Listen and find out on this episode of DragonBallerZ. Thanks for listening, subscribe and leave us a review. Follow our New Twitter: twitter.com/Dragon_Baller_Z JD: twitter.com/realJDLee Stephen: twitter.com/stephenthebrit Send us an email: [email protected] Check out our website: www.dragonballerz.com Support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/dragonballerz See you next week for Episode 80.