116: Dragon Ball Super Episode 122
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JD & Stephen watch and review episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super It is down to two. Universe 7 versus Universe 11 to win the tournament of power. Universe 7 has the numbers, but it seems that Universe 11 has the power advantage. Vegeta tries to show Jiren how powerful he really is. Goku is also getting in on the action. Frieza has decided that Dyspo is his target. Gohan and 17 are facing off against Toppo. Universe 7 seems like they are in trouble. Will any of them be able to overcome their opponent? Listen and find out on this episode of DragonBallerZ. Thanks for listening, subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on Twitter: JD: @realjdlee Stephen: @stephenthebrit The show: @dragon_baller_z Check out our Patreon to get bonus content: patreon.com/dragonballerz See you next week for episode 117.