Invaded in California & Diana in San Diego
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“Invaded in California” I lived with my mother, who passed away recently. I invited my cousins over to the house for Thanksgiving. One of them invited a cousin-in-law I had never met. When I woke from a nap, the cousin-in-law was here and asked me about our walk-in bathtub, which means that while I was asleep on my mother’s bed, she had entered my mother’s bedroom and private bathroom. I was flabbergasted. She also asked to keep a program I showed her from Mom’s service. I wanted to refuse (I still haven’t sent programs to out-of-state friends and relatives and am unsure how many I may need), but I let her keep it. Should I say something to let her know how inappropriate it was for her to give herself a tour of my home before she even met me? “Diana in San Diego” I’m a 31-year-old nail biter and have been one for as long as I can remember. As an adult, I’m now attacking my cuticles to the point that they bleed. If I feel a hangnail, I have to push it down or rip it out. It may be stress-related, but…