The Unwanted, Cincinnati Feat Julie Yoho Williams
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February 28, 2017
I’m dating my first white guy. So far, it’s been a completely different vibe and experience. A lot of issues I’ve had with past relationships have been nonexistent in my relationship with him. However, there is one issue: his parents. I’ve met them a few times, and we do not relate well to each other at all. Aside from the typical cultural gap, they give off the vibe that they’re not really too keen on me dating their son. I really like this guy, but I’m not really willing to put up with nasty parents. Should I let this one go, or should I try to make his parents come around? — The Unwanted, Cincinnati ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311