Open Minded in Indianapolis Feat Joseph
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My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. He’s eight years younger than I am. We have a great relationship except for our worldviews. While I am liberal, he is very racist. When the subject comes up, our conversations can become very heated. I believe everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but both of us have a hard time validating our opinions for each other. My boyfriend never directs his racist comments toward anyone in particular, but it’s hard for me not to take it that way. One of my best friends is African-American, and my son is currently dating someone who is biracial. How do we agree to disagree without anyone being upset or hurt in the end? — OPEN-MINDED IN INDIANAPOLIS ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311