Nobody’s Mommy in Maryland
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I am a community college sophomore (age 20) in an international honor society, double-majoring in biotechnology and biological sciences. My dream is to become a cardiologist. I have worked hard and excelled at my studies, as well as in my friendships and sports. However, my brothers have not. My older brother, “Aaron,” barely graduated from community college and my younger brother, “Greg,” dropped out after his first semester. I know it’s not healthy for me to think this way, but I am afraid I am going to be the one who has to support them. Aaron plays video games all day, while Greg does nothing. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck playing “Mommy” for my adult brothers for the rest of my days. How do I get across to them that they’re not children anymore and they need to take their education seriously? LivinUnleashed Twitter: @LivinUnleashed Facebook: LivinUnleashed Webs: Email: [email protected] Soundcloud: