Indecisive Dad in the USA & Motionless in Georgia
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I’m a male in my early 50s. As a shy 21-year-old, I had minor surgery to straighten a small (but at the time, to me, ginormous) hump on my nose. I didn’t tell many people and it boosted my confidence, and although I can’t say I regret it, looking back I don’t think it was really needed. I met my wife a few years later and didn’t think it was important enough to mention, which doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is my daughter, 23 and happily married, is complaining about the small hump on her nose and seriously contemplating surgery to fix it. She says she’s the only one in the family with such a nose. Her husband and my wife, neither one of whom are fans of minor cosmetic surgery, are urging her to not do it. I have kept my mouth shut so far. I hate bringing something up I’ve kept from my wife all these years, yet I have this nagging feeling I’m betraying my daughter by not telling her she has the nose I was born with. I also worry that she’ll find out and feel betrayed if I say nothing. Am I obligated…