I am who I am in Minnesota & Mindful Moment: Control
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This Confession comes from: “I am who I am in Minnesota” I recently graduated from college and moved out of my parents’ house and in with my fiance. My parents have assumed most of the cost of our upcoming wedding after insisting we have a big formal one. I’m also still on their cellphone plan and car and health insurance policies. I do not agree with my parents’ religious or political views and they know that. However, my mother insists on connecting with me on social media and regularly sends me texts criticizing me for responding to family members’ negative comments about my very general and inoffensive status updates. She says she’s “disappointed,” and then she and Dad threaten to not pay for the wedding. After a recent argument, she threatened to drop me from their health and car insurance. David, I’m tired of them holding these things over my head. Visiting has become awkward because of their threats. It feels like I’m not welcome in my own family. When I offer to take care of these things myself, my…