Needs my privacy
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February 25, 2016
I’m a 26-year-old man, currently living in Boston and in my final year of grad school. My parents help me out with finances because I have very little income. One of the things they have done is keep me on the family phone plan. However, there’s a catch: They recently announced that my “cost” for staying on their phone plan is installing an app that allows them to track my location at all times. In Boston, that’s not a huge deal, but when I’m visiting them in Georgia on breaks, it’s a point of contention, since I must let them know I’m taking a car. This will alert them to the fact I’ll be out, and remove any trace of privacy I might have while I’m there. When I told them I’ll pay my portion of the bill, their response was, “Would you prefer more texts and phone calls?” How can I deal with this situation? LivinUnleashed Twitter: @LivinUnleashed Facebook: LivinUnleashed Webs: Email: [email protected] Soundcloud: