Is he unfaithful? Feat @NHT_Tweets
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I found text messages and call logs that my father has making to one of my mother’s friends that go back to over one year ago. Texts demonstrate a degree of unfaithfulness and going over the call logs he has been speaking to her almost daily for at least 1-4 hours a day. I’m the eldest child (22 y/o female) of four, my youngest sister is 12. I need to confront my father today but I’m not exactly sure how. I cannot imagine telling my mother as I know if she found out the news could kill her (she has a heart condition) and if it doesn’t I know that she would harm herself. I know my father is the sole to blame, but I feel like if I told her and our family broke apart it would partially be my fault. I also want to confront my mother’s friend, who is not even a friend but a fake backstabbing homewrecker. My parents have been married for over 20 years and I cannot even imagine my father doing something like this. My family is relatively religious so this is a complete shock to me and has kept me up all night. Any…