Heartsick in South Carolina & Mom with a problem
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These Confessions come from: “Heartsick in South Carolina” My husband went to Florida three months ago to care for an ailing former lover. He told me she will be leaving him a sizable inheritance and he needs to protect her from “vultures.” I admit I am suspicious of his motives. I think there may be more going on than what he’s telling me, but he has been painting a pretty picture of how rosy our future will be with her gift. He has now suggested that we get a temporary divorce so he can marry her in order to get her entire estate! He claims it will be nothing more than a business arrangement. His suggestion left me flabbergasted. Even though our marriage has been rocky at times, I have never seen this side of him. I don’t know whether to believe him and be simply disappointed at his callous behavior, or not believe him and conclude that he really wants a divorce so he can marry her. Any thoughts? “Mom with a problem” How do you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped? My adult son, “Greg,” who lives…