Sports wife in Cleveland & Unwinding in New England
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These Confessions come from: “Sports wife in Cleveland” My husband, an avid soccer player, injured himself twice last year, which left him unable to work for months at a time. He refuses to hang up his cleats because he says it’s his “one true passion.” I think he’s being selfish because his soccer injuries have caused a financial, emotional and physical strain on our family. I can’t be the only wife/mom who doesn’t want the additional risk. Any advice on how to get through to him? “Unwinding in New England” I’m 23 and live with my parents — a situation I am working to change, to be sure. When I come home from work, I occasionally like to have a glass of wine or a beer. Obviously, because I’m an adult, this should not be a problem, but every time I touch alcohol my mom freaks out. There is a history of alcoholism in my family, so I somewhat understand where she’s coming from. But I feel she needs to realize that I can have a glass or two of wine and it doesn’t mean I’m getting drunk or an alcoholic. I am my…