Hal in New York & Flubbed it in Florida
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These Confessions come from: Hal in New York I have dated a lot of women over the years — including actresses, beauty contest winners and models. Every one of them, except my current live-in, “Amanda,” would dress up in lingerie when I asked them to. Amanda adamantly refuses. She says if I love her, I should be turned on whether she’s nude or wearing lingerie. Part of the problem is she’s not in the best shape, and the lingerie would hide that. I have tried bargaining with her, but she won’t agree. She doesn’t understand why I’m not chasing her around all the time. I have tried to explain that I don’t find a tummy sexy. She just calls me Shallow Hal. Advice? and… Flubbed it in Florida I have started using an effective coping skill when I get upset about something or someone at work. I “vent” in a personal email to myself and send it to my home email address. Well, today I got upset with my office buddy, so I sent myself an email. But instead of it going to my home, I mistakenly sent it to her and it hurt her…