Domestic Abuse Feat @franbanting
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I have always tried to be a compassionate person. I have experienced a lot of abuse, and I’m sensitive to others who go through it. A man across the street from me has been arrested three times in the last six months for domestic abuse. I rarely see a woman there, so I don’t know if the victim is a woman or a child. I moved into the neighborhood only six months ago. My elderly mother lives here with me. I’m torn about what to do. My heart says I should reach out to the people who live there and make friends with them. My head says stay out of their business because I don’t need the drama. How do we as a society not turn a blind eye to abuse in our neighborhoods and still protect ourselves and loved ones? I don’t want to put my mother or myself in jeopardy, but I don’t want the person/people in that house to think they are alone. ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311