David’s Meditation
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Picture yourself walking down a busy city street. It’s full of shops and businesses, and you can see crowds of people hurrying from one place to another. Cars and busses line the roads, and they crawl through the city, bumper to bumper. Just up ahead, next to the sidewalk, you notice a narrow doorway between two buildings…it’s a small opening that looks like a cosy retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world around you. You walk towards the doorway, slipping easily through the crowds. You arrive at the doorway and you step inside the narrow entrance. The entrance is dimly lit. It is warm and inviting, and it shelters you from the outside world. You take a few steps deeper inside the entrance, and arrive at the top of a flight of ten stairs. You slowly make your way down the steps, and as you do, the sound of the city begins to fade away. With each step you take, you feel yourself moving away from the noise of the world, and down into a place of deep quiet. As you gradually descend the ten steps, you sink…