Concerned Dad in Santa Clara
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February 23, 2016
My 16-year-old perfect kid came to us, very adult-like, saying it was time for her to go on the pill. We knew she had a boyfriend, but didn’t realize it was this serious. Despite my initial impulse to kill him and stick my daughter in a convent, we discussed it as a family and agreed she would see a gynecologist. She also had a long talk with her mother about sex, and with me a few days later. When I sat down alone with her she was embarrassed, but I don’t care — I’m her father. Fast forward to last week: She left her iPad in the living room, and while I was using it, up popped explicit pictures of her not only with her boyfriend, but with other guys and girls. Her mother and I talked about how to handle this. I suggested therapy and pulling her from school. My wife disagreed. She accused me of violating our daughter’s personal property and said it’s none of my business! I may be old-fashioned, but my daughter, whom I love more than life, needs to know this is not OK. She’s still a child despite looking like…