Worried Boyfriend
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My boyfriend is moving out of his apartment to live with a friend of his. They met through grindr, he’s single, but they haven’t done anything together. (As far as I know). When I told him I was a little uncomfortable with the situation because I don’t know him as much, he said “Relax, and stop overthinking the situation.” I am moving in to a place with a friend as well and he said: “I barely know you’re friend that you’re moving in with. Its the same situation.” But the thing is my friend is straight, not gay. I had someone cheat on me in the past and its just fucked everything up in my head and for relationships in general. Do I just trust until its broken or am I being an idiot for feeling this way? I feel like a jealous child right now. We’ve been together for 8 months, but they’ve been friends for a year. And that’s what I told him, I’d like to hang out with him more. I’m just a little pissed about the situation. Its not that I don’t trust him, but with the two of them together, they get to share…