Trying to make him understand & Trendsetter in California
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I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl three months ago. I had breastfed my 15-year-old, so it was natural for me to do the same with my new daughter. The problem is my husband, “Jerry,” does not support me breastfeeding in public. I’m somewhat large-chested, so I always cover up for fear of offending strangers. The last time we went shopping and the baby got hungry, when I attempted to feed her in a dressing room, Jerry got so upset he stormed out of the store and took the baby bag and stroller with him. I had a receiving blanket tucked into my tank top and had covered my breast so no one would see anything. I asked him what the problem was, and he said just because I thought it was OK didn’t mean some kid trying on clothes would think so. He told me I should breastfeed in the car or a bathroom. (Jerry doesn’t eat in restrooms, so why should our baby girl?) I don’t plan to stop breastfeeding or going for outings with my baby girl, so how do I approach the situation without a fight? How does one “break up”…