Lady with no problem
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My son is driving me crazy. He’s worried because I don’t have friends I hang out with. He said it’s not normal for a woman to not want to have friends. I say it is. He said if David Alan says I’m OK, he will let it rest. I work with people between 50 and 70 hours a week. I have more than a thousand townhome and condo residents to deal with, and I receive nonstop complaints day in and day out. On top of that, I must supervise vendors and contractors, answer to several boards, and have up to eight evening meetings a month. When I finally get home, I don’t want to set up a shopping or dinner date with anybody. I want to sit in peace and quiet. I don’t want to be around people at all. I’m perfectly happy not having friends. Can you see my point? Confessions Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Email: Soundcloud: