Estranged Granddaughter in California
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My mother’s father recently got out of prison and was deported to Mexico. He had been in jail for 20 years, almost my entire life (I’m 22). While he was in prison, I wrote him several times, hoping to connect with him, but I never got a response — not even an acknowledgement in his letters to my mom. When I’m asked if I have any grandparents, I usually say, “I only have two grandmas.” My father’s father was the only real grandfather I had, and I loved him dearly. He died in 2003. The problem is, my mom wants me to call her father “Grandpa” when I don’t even know the man! In my opinion, the title of “Grandpa” is earned and not automatically bestowed. Am I being unreasonable and what should I do? LivinUnleashed Twitter: @LivinUnleashed Facebook: LivinUnleashed Webs: Email: Soundcloud: